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7media Ltd is your one stop shop for all your indoor and outdoor digital or LED requirements.
We bring you an array of new and exciting LED products, to showcase what you have across Kenya.

1. Price

There is no point in bringing something new and exciting to market if it isn’t deemed to be affordable and for us, flexibility is the key. Not only do we have day rates and loop rates but we also have revenue share options so you can offer your own strategic partners a fantastic digital platform and everyone can benefit from the awareness. To find out more why not gives us a call to arrange a free demonstration at our offices.

2. Choice

At 7Media we appreciate that different companies have different budgets and requirements so we decided to bring an array of digital options for both indoor and outdoor use. Maybe you only need a screen on one side of a vehicle instead of two or perhaps you require a 49” indoor screen instead of a 65” screen. With 8 different indoor and outdoor solutions and 13 different rates, 7Media is your one stop shop for all your LED or digital requirements.

3. Awareness Generation

Every vehicle has its own generator for powering the screens and they run on Diesel just like the engines of course. This means they can go anywhere! No need to rely on electricity, wherever your audience happens to be, we can be there too. And the beauty of mobile digital screens… we can always guarantee awareness because if you are not happy with the number of eyeballs, we can just move to another location.

4. Management

Who doesn’t love a good day in the office without any technical errors! Our LED products use wireless capabilities and controllers that provide remote access to the network for easy changes or updates. We can also connect using HDMI, VGA and USB.

5. Content Creation

None of the above really matters without the most important piece of the puzzle. If you do not have your own content, that is also something we can help you with. If you need an animated video from scratch, have an existing picture that needs a bit of touch up, or even require assistance with the filming or ideas perspective, our in-house design team have got you covered.
We can advise on the right formats to use for better video quality and sharper images and depending on you chosen digital option and destination, we can even discuss the addition of text or subtitles beneath the graphics too.

Taking all of the above into consideration, is there really a better time than NOW to start promoting your company and gaining the strategic awareness to reach new customers?





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