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“Content is king” is now quite an old phrase and was coined from an article Bill Gates wrote some years back.

So what does it mean and how is it related?

Well, in a nutshell this was really his way of stating that the internet is a marketplace for content but of course it also bears relevance from a digital advertising perspective.

It is vital to have engaging and interactive content. It is more likely for someone to make a spontaneous or unplanned purchase due to viewing an advert that excites or interests them, rather than a photograph or a still image.

90% of what our brain takes in is visual and we process graphics or pictures 60,000 times (yes, sixty thousand) faster than text!

What catches people’s attention more than anything when it comes to advertising is the movement. This can be a real-life video or animation and provides the platform to engage your audience with special promotions, product launches and even educating them on what you have to offer in a fun way.

Increases in sales have been reported through digital signage integration around the world of up to 33% and surveys have shown up to 60% of people feel more positive towards a brand because they saw that particular content on a digital display.

Digital displays also increase engagement, awareness and capture around 400% more views than the static alternatives.

Most importantly, according to, the digital signage recall rate is higher than any other form of traditional media (TV, Radio, Newspaper) and stands at around 83% for people recalling at least one advert seen on a digital display in the past 30 days.

How many times has a digital advert caught the corner of your eye as you were passing by somewhere?

Isn’t it time you turned to digital signage for your own products or services?

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