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What’s the difference between LCD and LED?

An LED display uses less power, provides a brighter display and has better contrast. It also has lesser heat dissipation than a conventional LCD display. This is because it uses light-emitting diodes (LED)  for backlighting.

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Are the LED screens on your vehicles visible during the daytime?

In a word YES! We are proud to state that the brightness of our LED screens is unparalleled. This is because we opted to provide small primary coloured modules (each containing over 1,000 LED’s and measuring roughly 0.5 metre squared in size) that are joined together to create a fantastic viewing experience.  As the damage […]

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What are the vehicle hours of operation?

Our rate card for the vehicles is based around an 8 hour day and includes the driver, fuel and technical support. However, if you have an event, roadshow or activation that requires a longer period of activity, we are happy to discuss that with you, when we meet.

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Are the Eyepoint Units just for Advertising products or services?

Not at all. That would be the ideal choice if you were looking for an exciting revenue share opportunity but they can also be useful for announcements, timetables, events, seminars, training, activities, special offers, promotions, greetings, messages, important updates, emergency alerts, directions, community connections, quotes or references, staff or client recognition, and even presenting educational […]

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