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At 7Media, our focus on outdoor digital advertising is for everyone.
As the year draws to a close, we wanted to remind you of this fact.

In order to change the mindset from a static, fixed poster billboard to a moving digital one, we believe it is our duty to provide solutions for all.

This is why, from an outdoor perspective, we have five, yes five LED vehicles.
Digitruck 1 & 2 house a P10 screen at 5.5 metres squared on just the one side of the vehicle.
These are great for a smaller audience or if your event or requirement has spectators all in one place. 

Digitruck 3 houses two P8 screens on both sides of the vehicle at 6.7 metres squared on both the left and the right-hand side. This is fantastic for that wider audience and for pedestrians as well as the traffic to view your product or service when on the move.

Our DigiBus has a 17.7 metres squared P10 screen on the left-hand side and a 9.5 metres squared P10 screen on the right. This vehicle is also perfect for experiential marketing as the inside is like a mini board room so not only can you have a quick meeting but there is enough room to store your product samples and have your team exit on arrival to hand out merchandise or brochures. This one is also great for “hitting the road” and capturing your new and existing customers.

And last but by no means least, our DigiEvents truck provides the real wow factor with a 22 metres squared P10 screen. This one is perfect for that expo, or that concert or that live feed event and has the ability to ALWAYS capture the audience WITHOUT MOVING THE VEHICLE.
Not only does the giant screen rise around 3 metres in the air, but on our rotational hydraulic system, it can perform a 360 degree turn!

Flexibility is the key and we have options for a cost per day, cost per advertising loop and even partnership opportunities too!

Isn’t it time you ventured into digital?

Where the traffic stops, we stop. Where the crowds go, we go.

For more information or to arrange a free demonstration of our products or services, call us now on 0702 177 177 or click the link below and fill out the form.

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