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Happy New Year everyone. As you would expect following on from our last blog regarding outdoor digital advertising solutions, this month’s focus is on the indoor digital advertising side. 

We realised there was a gap in the market as people often rely on the screens on the wall or the “landscape screen up high” option.

In our opinion there is an issue here as it doesn’t seem to matter what generation we all are, we are often on our phones and therefore our necks are likely to be in a downward position.

How is it possible to engage with a screen on the wall if it doesn’t meet with your eye-line?

For that reason, we have brought to the market our industrial strength, extra bright vertical kiosks called Eyepoint Units. These High Definition LCD, back-lit LED screens are available in threes sizes… 49”, 55” and 65.”

When you are on your phone, you can still catch these engaging screens in your peripheral vision as they are at your Eyepoint level.

As you would expect (especially if you read our previous blog) we have many choices to ensure that we can cater for everyone.

If you have an event or expo or just need to go digital for a short period of time, there is the “cost per day” option.

Are looking to change your content on a regular basis and require some functionality like remote access, scheduling and reporting? For this, there is the “cost per month” option.

If you have ongoing digital requirements and feel that hiring won’t be cost effective for you, there is the “outright purchase” option.

Are you in a situation where you can house our screens at a strategic location that other advertisers would be attracted to? Now we have the revenue share option or what we like to call “the win win risk free scenario”

Isn’t it time you ventured into indoor digital advertising?

For more information or to arrange a free demonstration of our products or services, call us now on 0702 177 177 or click the link below and fill out the form.

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