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Outdoor advertising in Kenya has grown significantly over the years.

The biggest platform currently is billboard advertising.
They can be found on roadways or motorways, where your audience is receptive to the information provided.

Another form of outdoor advertising is street pole or street lamp advertising.
There are so many of these along sides of the roads in Nairobi, for example.

These are used for brand awareness and are of course smaller and cheaper than billboards.
Those are all good ways of outdoor advertising but will they be as relevant in 2 – 5 years from now?
With technology advancing and our attention span reducing, it is unlikely.

A static image doesn’t have the same impact or engagement as an outdoor digital display.
So how do you get the attention of people in a world run by technology?
Well, you could use animated advertising, real videos or turn your images into moving ads and add a call to action.

Here at 7Media, we have LED trucks and an LED bus which are an effective way of advertising as they can capture the attention of the traffic and the pedestrians.

You can hire our products per day, per month, per “advertising loop” or even look at a revenue share option.
If you are looking for an effective way of advertising and an easier way to monitor your return on investment, 7media is the company for you.

We also have Eyepoint Units. These slick and elegant digital vertical kiosks are ideal for the indoor advertising needs of Hotels, Restaurants, Banks, Airports, Shopping Malls and an array of other sectors and industries.

With content creation, indoor and outdoor advertising and a range of relevant partners, we are your one stop shop for all your digital needs and requirements.

For more information or for a free demonstration on our products or services, call us now on 0702 177 177 or click the link below to fill out the form.

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