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Experiential marketing involves marketing a product and/or service through experiences that engage the customers and may create emotional attachment to what is being viewed or sold.

Experiential Marketing leaves a lasting impression because it’s an interactive experience. It also embodies messaging that you can touch, feel, or view in a physical space.

Some of the benefits of Experiential marketing are;

  1. Brand loyalty and consumer satisfaction.

By creating a memorable moment, you are letting the consumers know that you appreciate their feedback and their participation in your brand. This is because the more they engage, the more attached they may become.

  1. It appeals to the new ways people use media.

It encourages people to use social media and capture and share visual content with their networks, expanding the reach of a campaign. People taking photos and posting them basically gives brands a way to access free grassroots marketing because your brand could gain free social media exposure.

  1. Generates an authentic awareness.

If the experiences are interesting which gets people’s attention and helps them remember the brand. Consumers are invited to get to know a brand using their senses. These tangible experiences can create stronger bonds between people and products because their interaction can form positive opinions.

  1. Influential and media attention.

If your campaign is unique and interesting then you might just get media coverage. The more coverage, the more chance of you selling your products and/or services. 

At 7Media we have a 10 metre bus and a giant 18 metre squared LED screen built into the left hand side. This is a fantastic way to incorporate experiential marketing and digital advertising because your team can get off the bus, hand out your merchandise and interact with the crowds!

Is there a better way to combine these two powerful strategies?

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