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At 7Media we aim to break the mould when it comes to digital adverting, digital signage or outdoor LED screens.

This is why we have created a new loop option for our double sided DigiTruck and for our DigiBus for clients who may not have the budget to hire solely for their own products or services on our day rates.

This cost effective alternative for your outdoor digital displays allow you to share the loop time with your own strategic partners and be seen or have a slot either 4, 8 or 12 times per hour, depending of course on your available funds. With those slot options above, this in turn means that there are 3 loops of either 15 minutes, 7.5 minutes or 5 minutes.

Now you can experience this wonderful digital platform for as little as 25,000 KSH and bring your trusted partners on board.

Our clients can even choose where they want us to go (usually up to an 8-hour day but we can be flexible) or they can follow our own recommendations and take the “big six” route to generate as much awareness and as many eyeballs as possible.

The journey of our LED display screens would consist of Mombasa Road, Ngong Road, Langata Road, Jogo Road, Thika Super Highway and Wayakai Way – with some strategic stops and smaller road visitations in between.

Think about the impact that can be achieved from an experiential marketing perspective as well. You can engage and interact with your audience or customers and display your products and services on our outdoor LED screens at the same time.

You can also provide them with samples and merchandise and wow them with the advertisement to encourage them to engage in future purchases.

We believe that our LED vehicles or digital advertising screens are the future in this country as they are not static and they are not fixed to a particular location. Where the traffic stops, we stop. Where the people go, we go. We can simply guarantee awareness as if we happen to be in a place that is not as crowded as you may like, we can just move along to another area!

For all your outdoor and indoor LED screen, electronic display screens or digital signage needs in Kenya, give us a call now for a free demonstration on 0702 177 177 or click the link below and fill out the form.


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