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the power of #hashtag

The Power of # Hashtags for your products and services

Click #this… #that…. All too familiar? Here’s what you need to know about the power of #Hashtags.
Research has shown that Instagram and twitter posts that implement hashtags have engagement levels that are 12.6% higher than posts without hashtags.
In as much as hashtags sounds fun it can be the downfall for your products or business if used in the wrong way.

When launching a product or a business you need to understand what is important for your campaign process and what you potential customers are looking for or searching for.
For example, if you sell products based around awareness generation it makes sense to go for something like #advertise #indoorandoutdooradverts.

If you are selling or promoting gym related products or activities then #fitness or #legday can add value and gives the audience an understanding of what your products or message is based on.

Stay on the game when it comes to what is trending in the market today.
You cannot be a social media fanatic if you don’t understand the language that is being used or what is trending in this realm. People usually have a habit of hash tagging what is popular. Sometimes to be on the safe side, consider using a popular hashtag that is generic like #OOTD (outfitoftheday) or #Photooftheday. These are simple hashtags but very useful in today’s social media.

Hashtags have their rules too…… if a word cannot be understood by your audience that’s probably because that hashtag wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place. You cannot use a long sentence and hashtag it. It creates confusion for your audience on and could be misconstrued.

One very important thing to note for hashtags is the use of location. #Kenya #Nairobi for example.
This eases the search within your geographical target for capturing your audience.
#digitalledscreenkenya #digitaladvertisingnairobi

Use the same hashtags all over your platforms. This enables audiences to find you easily and relate to your brand or product. Familiarity leads to understanding what something is about which in turn can provide a higher recall rate throughout the platforms and could lead to a purchasing opportunity.

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