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Have you ever at some point wondered what it would be like to work alongside Robots? Lol.  
You know what it’s like right, a friend or a colleague at work starts talking about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will replace us all and be part of the moving digital era for our job opportunities.
Sometimes you respond with a nod of agreement and other times you just Smile and check out what they mean with a Google search.

Fear not people, AI is a type of computer science fed with data that is encoded to its system and as a result can simply react like humans.

It’s there in everyday use but we hadn’t realized its fast growth in the market. There seems to be an increasing hype of it being used virtually in every industry and sector to add “freshness” to products and services.

It’s no longer a sci-fi movie we’re talking here but machines that run our daily lives. From that coffee machine in your office to the Uber ride you use to get from A to B. It’s how the app makes us comfortable knowing that it can read our Geo location, the price due for its trip, the traffic we are about to experience and a few key details about the vehicle and driver. I guess we tend to take for granted the technology input behind it all.

The kind of AI that exists with us today, helps and assists us a lot in our daily lives. We are thrilled to enter the Kenyan market as it starts to embrace the digital world and we realize the importance of being on top of our game as AI develops.

Sooner or later, positive change is coming so just how ready are you?

For us, it’s not just about bringing exciting and unique products, it’s about thinking outside the box, utilizing the latest technology and providing engaging content to increase your sales.

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